Manghanmal Udharam College of Commerce

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India



Students are required to abide by the following rules:

  1. Students should wear Mask on Campus and  follow Covid guidelines.
  2. 75% attendance is compulsory as per the university rules and regulations for granting a term.
  3. Students are also expected to appear for and answer all assignments, tests, tutorials and examinations as per the instructions of teachers.
  4. Students should inform guardians/parents regularly about their academic progress, and other related conditions.
  5. Students must wear their own identity card while on campus. They should keep it worn for the entire duration they are on the campus. Admission in the main building would be denied, if the student fails to wear the identity card.
  6. Attendance in Term End Examinations is compulsory.
  7. Students must go through all the notices regarding the time-table, University and College examinations, extra-curricular activities and scholarships etc., displayed on the notice board from time to time. Loss of advantage due to any negligence in the above cases will be the responsibility of the student.
  8. All vehicles must be parked in the parking place provided for. Any failure in this regard will result in confiscation of your vehicle. The vehicle may be returned on the payment of a fine of Rs. 100/- per failure.
  9. Any change in local or permanent address must be immediately intimated to the office to facilitate correspondence.
  10. Under no circumstances shall student be allowed to smoke anywhere on the college premises. Violation of this rule can result in strict disciplinary action against the student.
  11. In case there is no class, student should attend the library. They are not supposed to loiter in the corridors of the college premises.
  12. If any student causes any loss or damage to the college property with or without intention they are liable to pay in full for the same. The caution money deposit of the student will also be forfeited for this purpose.
  13. The annual social function / prize distribution will be organized in the college premises only.
  14. Utmost cleanliness has to be maintained by every student in the college.
  15. The Principal may debar any student for the following reasons.
    a) Absence over a long period without genuine reason for the same.
    b)  Any misconduct / misbehavior or act of indiscipline.
  16. No sponsorships are accepted for organizing seminars, conferences of academic nature from the students
  17. Under an Act of the State Government ragging in any form among students is criminal act and punishable, appropriately.
  18. For any emergency regarding health matters students may seek medical aid from Jijamata Hospital which is near the College.
  19. Students must preserve all the fee receipts as the same may be required at the time of claiming refunds.
  20. Use of mobile phones in the class rooms, college main and library building is strictly prohibited. Students would face strict action if found violating this rule.
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