Manghanmal Udharam College of Commerce

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India


Welcome To BBA (CA) Department

Manghanmal Udharam College of Commerce was started on 18th July 1983 and the BBA (CA) Department which is formally known as BCA was started in the year 2009.



Intake Capacity

  • F.Y.B.B.A (CA) – Total Division 1 = 80 Students
  • S.Y. B.B.A (CA) – Total Division 1 = 80 Students
  • T.Y. B.B.A (CA) – Total Division 1 = 80 Students

Teaching Methods Adopted

Lecture Method

A traditional lecture method aims at effective transmission of course content to the students. In the BBA (CA) some subjects are practical, numerical based and problem solving oriented such as C Programing, Business mathematics, statistics and some subjects are theory based such as Organization Behavior, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Enterprise Resource Planning etc. For teaching these subjects lecture method is used. All the teachers of department use this method for effective curriculum delivery.

Demonstration Method

Demonstration Method allows students to personally relate to the presented information in subjects like Business Communication and Human Resource Management. Demonstrations help to raise student interest and reinforce memory retention because they provide connections between facts and real-world applications of those facts.

Classroom Discussion

A discussion takes place in classrooms which are facilitated by a teacher or by a student hence this method is used for theoretical subjects such as Programming Principles, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Web Technology, Software Engineering etc.

Experiential Learning

University had introduced practical for some subjects like C Programming, C++, Relational Database Management System, Web Technology, Java Programing, Dot Net programing. For fulfilling these practical sessions are held. Students execute the programs using computers, which help them for effective logic building and to understand the flow of program.

Collaborative method in teaching

Our Department makes MOU with other Institutions which helps the students to get industrial practical and theoretical knowledge. This helps the students to know the recent trends in Corporate Sectors. It helps to bridge gap between Education and Industry.

ICT in teaching

ICT tools are used which helps teachers to interact with students and to handle information well. It makes the teaching learning process interesting. It enhances the teaching learning process and makes it more attractive from student point of view. Faculty members are encouraged to use ICT.

F.Y. B.B.A. (CA)

Subjects: Semester I

    1. Business Communication
    2. Principles of Management
    3. C Language
    4. Database Management System
    5. Statistics
    6. Computer Laboratory (Based on C and DBMS)
    7. Add-on course on PPA

Subjects: Semester II

  1. Organization Behavior & Human Resource Management
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Business Mathematics
  4. Relational Database
  5. Web Technology
  6. Computer Laboratory (Based on Relational Database and Web Technology)
  7. Add-on course on Advance C

S.Y. B.B.A.(CA)

Subjects: Semester III
Core Subjects

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Structure
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Laboratory (Based on DS/Angular JS/PHP/Block Chain)
  • Add on Course on Environmental Awareness

Elective Subject

  • Angular JS or PHP
  • Big Data or Block Chain

Subjects: Semester IV
Core Subjects

  • Networking
  • Object Oriented Concepts Through CPP
  • Operating System
  • Project
  • Computer Laboratory (Based on CPP/NODE JS/Adv.PHP/Hadoop)
  • ADD-On

Elective Subject

  • NODE JS or Advance PHP or Hadoop

T.Y. B.B.A. (CA)

Subjects: Semester V
Core Subjects

  • Cyber Security
  • OOSE
  • Core Java
  • Project
  • Laboratory Course (Based on Core Java/Mongo DB/Python)
  • Add on Course on IOT

Elective Subject

  • Mongo DB or Python

Subjects: Semester IV
Core Subjects

  • Recent Trends in Information Technology
  • Software Testing
  • Advanced Java
  • Project
  • Computer Laboratory (Based on Advanced Java/Android Programming/Dot Net)
  • Add on Course on Soft Skills Training

Elective Subject

  • Android Programming or Dot Net framework
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